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SAM750: A huge visual bang at Ilesoniq

Montreal’s Evenko didn’t just want to end their Chainsmokers show with a bang—they wanted hundreds of bangs. “For the last song of the show, for our little finale, we fired 400 pieces of fireworks from the stage, and 200 feet behind the stage, we threw in another 500 pieces,” explains Evenko’s Karl Gaudreau. “Those last…

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More safety at a discounted price

Stageline has made a new deal with WDT Weather Ops that will allow our clients to access the service at a discount price. WeatherOps provides a powerful, straightforward way to help you make critical decisions for any company asset from anywhere you may roam. Use coupon code ”STAGELINE” for a 25% discount at    

Spring in Texas… with a SL100

Warm season means outdoor shows for most of us, but it also means extreme weather events. Texas experienced massive hail storms last week and we are pleased by a comment that came in our inbox Monday morning: ” We just took 75 mph winds, golf ball size hail and 4 inches of rain in 30…

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Starting Nature’s Party

Robin Williams once said that spring was nature’s way of saying “Let’s Party.” While we wouldn’t be in this industry if we didn’t like a party, we acknowledge that Stageline’s annual Spring Training workshop is kind of the opposite. It’s a lot of work and a lot of learning, and if you’re not one of…

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A Match Made In… Common Sense!

What’s your Stageline unit going to look like when it’s set up onsite? What’s the best way to plan out your light, sound, and banner rigging? Vectorworks Spotlight has the answers. The industry-standard design software for entertainment, staging, and events, Vectorworks Spotlight allows users to work from initial design and concept through documentation all the…

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Taking the Big Easy

New Orleans was a blast starting off with a meal of jambalaya and alligator po-boys. We popped along to the Fried Chicken Festival (the main stage of which, we noted proudly, was an SL250 set up by our friends at Center Staging). With full bellies, we headed off to the French Quarter and Bourbon Street,…

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Lightning-Fast Safety Response

Lightning may not strike twice, but striking once is bad enough. Thanks to the diligence of Stageline tech Francis Kopajko, when lightning struck a SAM440 during the leadup preparations for an evening show in Rouyn-Noranda on August 11, the stage had already been evacuated, and no one was hurt. Mid-afternoon that day, technical people were…

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As we ease into the second week of August, it’s a good time to talk about booking in advance for summer—next summer. We’ve had an exciting summer at Stageline, and one thing it’s proven to us is that demand for our products is continually expanding. That’s great news for us, but bad news for some…

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Stageline and its giant mobile stage, the SAM750, made a sensational entrance (and exit) last weekend at the Hot 97 Summer Jam in New York’s Metlife Stadium. Once the lights shut off Sunday evening around midnight on the giant, 130’ x 56’ stage, Stageline’s team had a narrow window to dismantle the SAM750 in order to…

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Saluting an Older Brother in the Business

The concert by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band–founder John McEuen was coming up, and they needed to get a stage into the middle of an amphitheatre, but they couldn’t afford to build one. The solution was obvious to Gary Justesen, owner of Salt Lake City’s Oasis Stage Werks: they’d bring in the SL250—on a crane. “Your…

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