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Presenting the company

Stageline Trailer Stage SAM555 - Elton John Founded in 1987 by Yvan Miron, Stageline was the first company in the world to develop the concept of the covered load-bearing mobile stage trailer.

The firm can lay claim to more than 25 years of expertise in the development of exceptionally durable, versatile and easy-to-operate mobile equipment. There are two production sites, one of them a “green” industrial building that at this time provides the second highest energy-efficiency performance in Canada. Stageline Group employs more than 100 people who work exclusively on the development, the manufacture and the marketing of mobile stages and portable equipment. With more than 10,000 events each year taking place on Stageline units in over 35 countries, the company is the reference and uncontested leader in the design and manufacture of telescoping hydraulically operated mobile stages and equipment.

Described as a phenomenon of design and mechanical ingenuity, Stageline’s mobile stages have completely revolutionized and radically simplified the organization of outdoor shows and events. With Stageline equipment, what was once impossible is now possible: putting on a big open-air event in the space of a single day.

Stageline Group endorses principles of corporate responsibility. Those principles translate into products that are designed in a spirit of sustainable development, of maintaining quality jobs, of helping workers evolve through training and respect, of involvement in the surrounding communities, and of respect for the environment. “Tomorrow is today” perfectly summarizes the company approach.



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