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The Fort McMurray, Alberta wildfire of 2016 has been burning since May 1. It has been under control, at least, since July 5, but by that point, beginning May 1, it had already torn through 590,000 hectares (1,500,000 acres) of forests and city alike, destroying up to 90% of the homes in some neighbourhoods of Fort McMurray, and forcing a mandatory evacuation of 88,000 people. Though fortunately the fires killed no one, they became the single costliest disaster in Canadian history, attacking businesses (such as the oil patch) and farms, homes and communities. Around the world and across the country, people watched in horror as the disaster unfolded. Everyone wanted to do something, and that was true of Stageline as well.

We watched helpless, with the rest of Canada and the world, as the wildfires got worse at Fort McMurray. We wanted to do something, and we weren’t alone. Already, plans were developing to stage Fire Aid, a major stadium fundraiser in Edmonton, Alberta, to benefit victims of the disaster. Just as we began discussing how we could contribute, we were contacted by Live Nation Canada to help and provide performance stages. On the morning of June 29, these stages were on the field of Commonwealth Stadium and ready to host huge names like Blue Rodeo, Nickleback, Randy Bachman, and Ian Tyson, along with many others.


SL320 & SAM575 being set up for Fire Aid show.


The crowd of 30,000 didn’t care that it was pouring rain—at that point, rain was what everyone in the province of Alberta wanted. They raised well past the $2-million fundraising goal knowing that fires like Fort McMurray’s could have happened in a lot of places in Canada—Fort McMurray proved that even the cities weren’t safe. So as they gathered in the rain to enjoy great Canadian music on Stageline stages, there was no doubt that they were making an example of how to give back when the greater community is in need. That opportunity to give is one that Stageline was happy to take part in. The desire to help has always been part of Stageline’s values. We’re believers in the idea that businesses are community members, and should give back to the communities.

Giving back isn’t about one contribution or another, it’s about an attitude of serving the community. For us, that’s just business as usual.

Commonwealth Stadium hosted huge names like Blue Rodeo, Nickleback, Randy Bachman, and Ian Tyson, along with many others.

Commonwealth Stadium hosted huge names like Blue Rodeo, Nickleback, Randy Bachman, and Ian Tyson, along with many others.


29 July 2016 | Stage leader

About Yvan Miron

I’ve always loved being around a stage. When I was younger (ok, young then) a guitar landed on my lap. I played it, enjoyed it got better at it and went on stage for fun. A stage environment to me spells excitement and adventure. No matter what part of the stage you stand on there’s a great feeling to it, a high energy moment to enjoy. Stageline is one such adventure that has me completely absorbed and the excitement is hard to shake. The company is like a guitar. I started it, got better at it and… you know the rest. As President and GM I can’t be more challenged and on my toes. Years went by developing mobile stages from our pioneer days to today and from proposing the idea locally to promoting the innovative concept internationally. The passion today is still ongoing. I am proud of Stageline and its achievements, thanks to thirty years of hands on staging experience. From scratching a guitar to scratching my head, I still get to play in a great band, the Stageline Band. And the results are harmonious and can be summed up in just a few chords: easy, profitable, safe and built to last. Sustainable products from a sustainable company from sustainable me. Not a bad line, come to think of it, maybe someone could turn it into a good song.

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