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I’ve always loved being around a stage. When I was younger (ok, young then) a guitar landed on my lap. I played it, enjoyed it got better at it and went on stage for fun. A stage environment to me spells excitement and adventure. No matter what part of the stage you stand on there’s a great feeling to it, a high energy moment to enjoy. Stageline is one such adventure that has me completely absorbed and the excitement is hard to shake. The company is like a guitar. I started it, got better at it and… you know the rest. As President and GM I can’t be more challenged and on my toes. Years went by developing mobile stages from our pioneer days to today and from proposing the idea locally to promoting the innovative concept internationally. The passion today is still ongoing. I am proud of Stageline and its achievements, thanks to thirty years of hands on staging experience. From scratching a guitar to scratching my head, I still get to play in a great band, the Stageline Band. And the results are harmonious and can be summed up in just a few chords: easy, profitable, safe and built to last. Sustainable products from a sustainable company from sustainable me. Not a bad line, come to think of it, maybe someone could turn it into a good song.

Honoring the ”Killer App” of staging

We often forget the way “killer apps” change the way we do things forever. How many people remember searching the internet before Google? How long ago does it seem that we went to payphones to check our voicemail and call our friends, instead of just reaching into our pockets and texting? Remember when you needed…

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SL100: We’ve kept the best and made it better

Now and again, we get together with trainers, experienced technicians, design and R&D teams. We share ideas for improvements on the designs. Some of these ideas are provided to us by our clients who noted possible improvements on various models. This year’s focus was on the SL100 and as a result, the model has been equipped…

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Stageline and its giant mobile stage, the SAM750, made a sensational entrance (and exit) last weekend at the Hot 97 Summer Jam in New York’s Metlife Stadium. Once the lights shut off Sunday evening around midnight on the giant, 130’ x 56’ stage, Stageline’s team had a narrow window to dismantle the SAM750 in order to…

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The Fort McMurray, Alberta wildfire of 2016 has been burning since May 1. It has been under control, at least, since July 5, but by that point, beginning May 1, it had already torn through 590,000 hectares (1,500,000 acres) of forests and city alike, destroying up to 90% of the homes in some neighbourhoods of…

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Stages and nasty weather: How to be well prepared

The stats are clear:  each year in the USA, there are between 50 and 100 days with storms and high winds, according to the National Weather Service statistics. In Canada, it works out to approximately 25 to 35 storms per year, depending on the location. (Environment Canada) In 2013 we asked our senior stage technicians…

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Woodstock no more

Think of Woodstock and it conjures up words like ‘’changed Rock and Roll’’ ‘’500,000 people’’, ‘’legendary performances’’ but also ‘’Sanitation issues’’. The film footage makes you wonder if you would have braved the horrible conditions the audience had to put up with to see Hendrix play at 8:30 am on that last day (ok, of…

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Proud to help make Canada Olympic Excellence Day a success!

Stageline is proud to have taken part in the Canada Olympic Excellence Day on 9th July in Montreal to celebrate future Olympians and the Olympic Spirit. As part sponsors of the event, Stageline provided a SAM440 mobile stage for the Cirque du Soleil and Grégory Charles performances and a Promobile for the media center and…

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Mobile stage or conventional stage: how do you choose?

The kind of stage you choose is one of the most crucial decisions you make when organizing an event. So it’s critical to have a clear understanding of the differences between the two principal types of stage – the mobile and the conventional. Traditionally a stage is built on site. It’s an assembly of structures…

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Meet our bloggers!

Stageline is a team. All of our team members are committed and passionate people. Our 8 bloggers are there to share with you their passion and explain what they do, what they learn and what makes their job fascinating. Let’s introduce them! YVAN MIRON I’ve always loved being around a stage. When I was younger…

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Welcome to the Stageline blog !

We are really proud to introduce you to something new for Stageline: a blog! What is this going to be about? After decades of experience in the mobile staging world, we learnt a lot. We learnt a lot about stages, safety, sustainable development… We also learnt about people and events as our stages travelled all…

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