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New Stageline SAM750 Mobile Stage

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Addressing a producer need for more size to go with the Quebec firm’s long-established efficiency and safety, Stageline has produced another stage that redefines industry standards.
Montreal, July 30, 2013 – Stageline, world leader in the design and manufacture of mobile stages, is launching its SAM750, at 70 by 50 feet (21.5 by 15 meters) the largest mobile stage ever produced. With its unique design, the product of the firm’s more than 25 years of experience in innovation, the SAM750 brings new size to qualities that Stageline has built its reputation on: safety, speed of installation, versatility and advanced stage design.
In keeping with the Stageline hallmark, the new stage goes well beyond industry standards. A fully self-supporting structure that requires neither cables nor anchoring, the SAM750 consists basically of four trailers that combine to form an enormous covered stage, in unbeatable time.
Not only is the SAM750 designed to meet the highest technical and safety requirements, but it can be set up twice as quickly – with half the crew and less machinery – as conventional stages of similar size and capacity. The result is substantial savings in terms of both time and money for technical directors and producers, who at the same time can reduce the ecological footprint of their events.
The SAM750 is based on Canadian and American building codes, and is also equipped with multiple safety features, including a mechanism to lower or raise wind walls in the event of stormy weather. Among its features are resistance to winds of 90 mph (145 km/h), and 75 tons of load-bearing capacity, including a 15-ton screen support. It also boasts two cantilevered extension rigging beams each capable of supporting 12.5 tons.
“We’re recognized as a manufacturer of mobile stages celebrated for their resistance to the challenging conditions that outdoor events are liable to, among them severe weather,” says Stageline president and chief executive officer Yvan Miron. “Which is why the producer evenko asked us to come up with a stage that would answer the need for greater space while incorporating the safety and reliability for which we’re known. There’s currently a demand in the industry for this larger type of stage, and with that in mind we went ahead with the design of the SAM750.”
The SAM750 stage will be used in among other settings the 2013 OSHEAGA Music and Arts Festival, taking place in early August in Montreal. Design of the scenic components was carried out in collaboration with Trizart Alliance, a firm specializing in theater and arena design.
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