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New York, June 12, 2017– Stageline and its giant mobile stage, SAM750, made a sensational entrance (and exit) last weekend at the Hot 97 Summer Jam in New York’s Metlife Stadium. Hosting numerous shows and sporting events in addition to being the home of two NFL franchises, this landmark stadium in East Rutherford is one of the busiest in North America.  Once the lights shut off Sunday evening around midnight on the giant, 130’ x 56’ stage, Stageline’s team had a narrow window to dismantle the SAM750 in order to free up the stadium to host another major event just days later.

A team of 18 people finished disassembling the stage in just 12 hours. This means that by 7pm Monday evening, barely 19 hours after the concert had ended, the SAM750 had been removed from the stadium’s interior, leaving the field free for Monster Jam to come to town. A feat that only Stageline’s technology makes possible.


In total, it took 216 labour hours to finish installing the SAM750. Equivalent structures in earlier years had required more than 2400 hours of work.  Performances on SAM750 therefore require renting a stadium for fewer days, which means massive savings for organizers.

Additionally, its speed of deployment enables organizers to benefit from a comfortable window to assemble it in. In the case of the Hot 97 Summer Jam, the stage was ready 24 hours in advance. Here is what Ian Kelly, producer of the event, said: “The SAM750 deploys so quickly that is has a considerable impact on our operating costs. It also gives us precious breathing room, in order to handle the many unforeseeable circumstances that may occur when setting up for a large event.”  Besides the logistical requirements, it’s the attendees who benefit. “Savings like these in production costs allow us to enhance the overall experience for our concert-goers, by investing more in the show,” added Ian Kelly, who is proud to have presented artists like Chris Brown, Migos, DJ Khaled, and Trey Songz in a single day, to name just a few.  One clear example is the stunning view provided to the audience by the new screen mount on the SAM750, which supported a 130’ LED screen above the stage.


In addition to the SAM750 and SL320 mobile stages, Stageline has offered a turnkey solution to organizers, taking on the job of setting up the FOH, barricades, scaffolds and fences. “We have partners all over North America who allow us to make our clients’ lives easier by offering a solution that covers all of their needs,” says Pierre-Luc Rompré, Sales Director at Stageline.

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