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Stageline innovation receives international recognition

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Once again, a Stageline product has won industry acclaim. On October 24th, 2015, at the Parnelli Awards gala in Las Vegas, which took place as part of the LDI Show dedicated to performing arts professionals, the Quebec company was awarded the innovation of the year award for its SAM575 mobile stage. Stageline also won this award in 2014 for the SAM750 mobile stage. This recognition is one of the highest honours awarded in the performing arts industry worldwide.

A stage that can withstand a category 1 tornado

Well-known as a leader in the design and manufacture of stages and mobile units able to withstand the most extreme wind and touring conditions, Stageline brought out its SAM575 project in 2014. The goal was to optimize its SAM555 model, making a super-structure of the same size able to support twice the rigging capacity of the SAM555 and withstand winds of up to 145 km/h, the equivalent of a category 1 tornado. This stage has been a resounding success and offers many additional advantages in terms of both safety and set design by enabling, among other things, giant screens and digital banners to be attached directly to its structure.

The SAM575 mobile stage quickly attracted the attention of a number of North American event producers. First presented in the United States at festivals such as the Tortuga Music Festival, Electric Forest and Bonnaroo, the SAM575 was also used during Montreal’s Osheaga festival this past summer.

The SAM575 bolsters the significant growth that the Quebec company has experienced in the past five years.  “Winning an award tied to innovation always makes us happy because innovation has been in the company’s DNA since day one,” says Yvan Miron. “Winning it three times in five years (2011, 2014, and 2015) just confirms it,” he adds.

About the company 

Stageline is the leading designer and manufacturer of covered hydraulic mobile stages. Based on four integrated technologies (mechanical and structural engineering, transportation, hydraulics and stage design), Stageline’s mobile stages combine speed of installation, versatility, and safety. Established in L’Assomption, the company employs 150 people. Stageline stages are used in more than 15,000 events per year in 45 countries.

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