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Innovative Mobile

Stageline SAM450

The new SAM450: designed to hold 66,000 lbs of show equipment.

Supported by its new manufacturing technologies, Stageline continues to push innovation and introduces a new mobile stage: the SAM450. Lightweight, this new mobile stage is made of aluminum and steel mechanically assembled. Traditional welding being reduced, the SAM450 offers an impressive rigging capacity compared to any other comparable sized units.

Floor 44’ x 38’ (13.4m x 11.7m) up to 76’ x 38’ (23.2m x 11.7m) with covered wings
Stage Set-up
Wind resistance 115 mph (185 km/h) without windwalls
77 mph (123 km/h) with windwalls
Rigging 66,000 lbs (29,937 kg)
Covered wings option Modular 16’ x 16’ (4,9m x 4,9m) up to 16’ x 32’’ (4,9m x 10m) per side
Windwalls Full height rainproof windwalls with retractable backdrop
Banners Full retractable lateral banner system


  • Certification
  • For all countries, Stageline provides complete engineering certification for both structural design and rigging capacity. In Canada and the US, we can provide engineering certified stamped documents for each state and province.













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