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octobre 4, 2021

Stageline announces a new partnership

Montreal, June 25th, 2021 – Stageline announces a new partnership with JMF Entertainment to ensure SAM450 coverage on the West Coast.

Stageline is pleased to announce a joint venture with JMF Entertainment to co-own and operate a SAM450 mobile stage in the western United States.

This partnership provides Stageline the opportunity to widen its access to broad regions of the American west—including major markets such as Las Vegas and San Francisco—currently well-served by JMF’s production services. At the same time, JMF Entertainment can profit from Stageline’s extensive network of clients and partners, while benefitting from Stageline’s engineering, technical support, certified technicians for deployment, and logistics planning for every event.

JMF Entertainment is precisely the kind of ambitious client—and partner—Stageline loves to see using its stages. They are a 360-degree live-event turnkey provider offering staging, audio, lighting, and video solutions with the highest-level equipment in the industry. In a few short years, JMF Entertainment has expanded from a small regional shop to a powerful national production company.

JMF Entertainment was uniquely ready for the pandemic. “We did well through COVID. We stayed open and secured many of the larger staging contracts of 2020, notably some of the Federal election contracts. In addition, our talent division, JamPro Music Factory, experienced record growth during the pandemic— we were able to pivot very quickly to virtual which helped” says Chris Sewell, founder and president of JMF Entertainment.

An Unexpectedly fruitful period

During that unexpectedly fruitful period, Sewell and his team took the opportunity to build up JMF Entertainment’s infrastructure. When they decided to invest in mobile staging, they did their research and made a serious investment in Stageline: So far, JMF has purchased new SL100, SL260, and SL320 stages to deploy alongside the joint-venture SAM450.

“We invested heavily in Stageline stages and in this joint venture partnership,” Sewell says. “We’ll be doing the big festivals and will ultimately be putting gear out on tours. We’re booked pretty solid for this year, but with the new industry paradigm we’re increasing capacity significantly for 2022. These new stages, in addition to other strategic acquisitions and partnerships, place us in a great position to win a ton of business out here. We’re getting everything lined up now.”

About Stageline

Founded in 1987, Stageline is a premium mobile-staging company that has pioneered hydraulic mobile stage systems designed to support heavy loads even under extreme weather conditions. Our continually evolving lines of stages, which are part of 25,000 events every year, are considered an industry standard for major live events across North America and more than 50 countries worldwide.

About JMF Entertainment

About the Stageline SAM450