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The largest rental fleet in North America

Rental services are provided in the US through MSR Mobile Stage Rentals and through Stageline Rental Division in Canada.
We can offer a local service, a complete range of mobile stages and promotional units with all of the flexibility to answer quickly to any request, whether it is a single event or a national tour.

To operate nationwide, our strong network includes Stageline Owners, Joint Venture Partners and a large group of Canadian and American employees and certified technicians.

Our Rental fleet:

  • Is utilized on over 1,500 events every seaso
  • Is comprised of over 100 stages
  • Is owned by Stageline and we participate in every SAM Series (SAM450 & SAM575) event in North America with exclusive ownership on the SAM750 stages

This is how we take care of your events:

  • We always provide experienced certified technicians
  • We always provide equipment which have up-to-date structural inspection and certifications
  • We have an in-house experienced logistics team supporting you from the beginning to the end
  • We provide a 24/7 support service recognized by the industry for its professionalism and product knowledge
  • We provide free referrals for the SL 75 and SL 100 models for most of the states and provinces

People call us for answers on:

  • Rigging plan reviews
  • Engineering support
  • Custom parts, décor, special project and/or any other creative staging idea required to help them stand out
  • Branding opportunities

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