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Stageline runs a fleet of more than 100 Mobile Stages located across North America through MSR Mobile Stage Rentals (USA) and Stageline Rental Division (Canada). To operate as a nationwide rental enterprise, our strong network includes Stageline owners, joint venture partners and a large group of Canadian and American certified technicians. We can offer a local service, a complete range of mobile stages and promotional units with all the flexibility to answer quickly to any request; whether it is a single event or a national tour.

Our rental activities are supported by an experienced logistics support team and certified Stageline providers recognized by the industry for their professionalism and know-how.

Stages reduce event set-up time and labor by 75-90% compared to a standard structure resulting in serious savings in location and infrastructure costs.

Superior and flexible rigging capacities allowing the installation of impressive amount of lights, sound and screen equipment to support ambitions of major events. All rigging points have a safety factor of 2 to one. 

Stands out with superior weather proofing and a wind resistance up to 115 mph (185 km/h). Your staff, crowds and artists will remain safe throughout.

Experienced in-house logistics support team and stage technicians recognized in the industry for their professionalism and know-how. The team provides 24H support through its emergency hotline.

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