In addition to our strong commitment towards the environment, Stageline contributes financially to improve the lives of those in needs locally and abroad by supporting many organizations particularly those focused on children, families, women’s shelter foundations, poverty, the homeless, the elderlies, physical and mental health.

Stageline believes that every one should have the opportunity to learn. To this end, as a company who thrives on innovation, we offer ongoing in-house multiple training sessions. We encourage and support all employees in furthering their learning experience through external formal education programs.

Love of music has always been part of Stageline. We play our part in the entertainment world and it is important to us to support regionally meaningful projects in arts and festivals because it is inspiring to us all.

Our employees are a closely knitted group and many have been with the company for a long time. As they are part of our growth and success, we do our best to provide a positive and very safe work environment including extremely competitive remuneration package and employment conditions. The combination of various age groups, men and women as well as various personal and professional capabilities makes us a strong team. It is also a team that likes to create opportunities to celebrate and offer a lending hand to employees or people of our community who may at times need it.

Sustainable development is a top priority for us. We try to be a role model and to this end, we inaugurated in 2008, the first privately owned LEED Certified building that ranked second in Canada as the most efficient in energy savings. In the manufacturing and staging industry, our managers are actively involved in networks and study groups to share information about our practices and various challenges facing our sectors of activities.

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