Your Stageline equipment integrates four products in one:

  • A road legal trailer
  • A pre-assembled building structure
  • A heavy-duty hydraulic equipment
  • A staging structure

Underlying this product are no fewer than four technologies:

  • Transportation
  • Structural & Mechanical Engineering
  • Hydraulics
  • Scenic Technology

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A series of operations effectively transforms the trailer into a stage that integrates all the scenic elements needed for rigging, flying speakers, wind walls and banner installation. The key to it all lies in an integration so finely tuned that every component interfaces perfectly with every other.

Technicians must therefore attain a certain degree of technical knowledge to operate a Stageline equipment. Driven by the need to insure technical efficiency, Stageline developed a training and certification program which meets and even exceeds its clients’ and users’ requirements.

Operation of Stageline mobile stage by qualified personnel is directly linked with the enforceability of the warranty and to benefit from an exclusive 24/7 technical support offered to all Stageline Certified Technicians.


With its training program, Stageline helps its users and clients increase profitability on their investment through an efficient utilization of the products.

Experienced instructors offer practical and realistic guidance needed to optimize the participant’s performance. The main objective is to develop the aptitudes and technical knowledge of the manpower in order to preserve the product’s integrity and guarantee maximum safety levels.


With the acquisition of a Stageline stage, the client will want to certify representatives of his personnel in the operation and supervision of his stage.

Participants will learn to:

  • Understand basic theoretical concepts and stage utilization steps;
  • Understand specific interactions of all elements in operation of the stage;
  • Recognize the risks and consequences of inappropriate use and operation of the stage;
  • Lead and communicate efficiently with helpers or other technicians on a site;
  • Act responsibly for all aspects of work with the unit so as to prevent any undesirable situation.

Operator training program will include:

  • Definitions, concepts and technologies involved in a Stageline mobile stage;
  • Explanation of the Operator’s Manual and of the set-up/dismantle sequences;
  • Use of the trailer, including loading and efficient leveling methods;
  • Tools and practical techniques for understanding mechanical and hydraulic problems;
  • Use of the machinery, set-up and dismantling of the stage;
  • Notions and critical factors for scenographic use and application of load limitations;
  • Troubleshooting and problem solving.

Education Methodology :

  • Workshop and practical exercises.
  • Demonstration and simulation of critical situations (group and individual).
  • Attendance and practical examination (practical examination must be successfully passed to obtain certification).
  • Attendance throughout the session.
  • Understanding of the theoretical aspects of the stage.
  • Certification is based on the trainee’s understanding of the product’s integrity and safety in general.

Participation and Evaluation Mode

  • In-field practical exercises completed by theoretical training.
  • Operating manual.
  • The Operator Training Course includes a practical and formal evaluation of each and all participants.

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