Stage Manufacturer

35 years of expertise and innovation

Our total commitment to manufacturing the highest-performing and most innovative, reliable and safe equipment is our foundation and cornerstone.

The Product:
A Stageline mobile stage is a highly sophisticated piece of equipment that incorporates four technologies: mechanical and structural engineering, transportation, hydraulic and stage technology. It is built with state of the art manufacturing equipment to ensure that your equipment last a long time. Steel parts are precision cut with lasers. Steel parts are finished with baked on powder coat paint that will protect your equipment for years.

Our Approach as a stage manufacturer:
Our design and manufacturing capability is done in-house so we can fully guarantee the quality of every mobile stage. Our skilled personnel includes on hand experienced engineers, technical experts, certified aluminum and steel welders and fabricators. We are a strong advocate of close collaboration with our customers and suppliers, the best way to stay at the forefront of manufacturing technology and evolving production needs of live events.

Engineering, Research & Development:
A full-time team of designers, engineers and production experts is dedicated to the development and continued improvement of products. The team uses 3D Modeling and visualisation and the latest programs in structural-analysis and finite-element tools.

Quality control:
Our quality process includes an ongoing inspection covering all aspects of manufacturing, load tests, final installation and road test before delivery.

Environmental Manufacturing:
Our environmental manufacturing processes reduce the:

  1. Use of products that harm the environment
  2. Consumption of energy and raw materials
  3. Production of waste and scrap
  4. Environmental impact of our activities through prevention



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