Maintenance & Inspection

Sophisticated equipment, like Stageline mobile stage requires basic and regular maintenance. Specific guidelines are carefully elaborated to make maintenance an easy and welcome task.

A Stageline mobile stage includes four different products in one:

  • A trailer
  • A building structure
  • A hydraulic equipment
  • A stage

Stageline products combine and feature four technologies:

  • Transportation
  • Mechanical & Structural Engineering
  • Hydraulics
  • Scenic Technology

Learn more about our 2023 inspection program

The key to making sure that the staging system functions perfectly lies in an integration so finely tuned that every component interfaces perfectly with every other. With this in mind, Stageline’s engineers and experienced technicians have developed a unique inspection program. This program gives you a complete analysis of your equipment’s condition including a list of immediate repairs and recommendations.

Each mandated Stageline inspector is a Stageline product specialist and knows all technological aspects of Stageline equipment as well as the various common applications of our products.


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