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How it all Started

In 1987, the company that would become Stageline, organised outdoor events and outsourced stages. What motivated us was the enjoyment of music and outdoor events. More often, the stage was a concern; complex set-ups took too much time to erect, and were often costly and unsafe.

Easy staging operations just did not exist at the time. We engaged in a quest for change to make our life easier. We knew what to change and the process brought a revolutionary, much more efficient way of staging events.

We took to replacing most of the manual labor with a hydraulic system on wheels which deployed pre-assembled structural roof and floor panels in record time.

We called it a mobile stage and it was rapidly the choice of local event organisers and production professionals alike.

In 1987, Stageline was born with one goal – to promote the use of safe and reliable Stageline mobile stages.

Stageline – today

Having pioneered the concept of covered load bearing mobile stages, we are proud of the fact that today our products are used in over 45 countries proving that safe and dependable Stageline technology rules.

Our roots run deep in the outdoor event industry as they do in skilled manufacturing and engineering. The team that initially developed the concept keeps growing with more talented people joining in.

Stageline endorses principles of corporate responsibility through its sustainable development strategies and the policies affecting its employees and the community.

To this day, we are still as animated by our pioneering spirit and determination to innovate, serve the industry and provide very safe and innovative mobile stages for our clients, fellow workers, musicians, organisers and audiences.

Operating from two production sites, Stageline Group employs over 140 full-time staff.

Orchestre Symphonique de Montreal – 1987


Stageline history

Route 91 Harvest Las Vegas – 2014


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