Yes. And we have over 30 years of expertise doing it!

Our total commitment to manufacturing the highest-performing and most innovative, reliable and safe equipment is our foundation and cornerstone.

Our approach

A Stageline mobile stage is a highly sophisticated piece of equipment that incorporates four technologies: mechanical and structural engineering, transportation, hydraulic and stage technology.
Our skilled personnel handles each and every phase of production from design through to final inspection.

Engineering, research and development

A full-time team of designers, engineers and production experts is dedicated to the development and continued improvement of products. This team is backed by technical specialists, tradesmen and draftsmen working with the latest manufacturing practices, structural-analysis and finite-element tools.

Quality control

  • Stageline products are shipped around the world.

Environmental manufacturing

Our environmental manufacturing processes reduce the:

  • Use of products that harm the environment;
  • Consumption of energy and raw materials;
  • Production of waste and scrap;
  • Environmental impact of our activities through prevention.

Pre-assembled structure – easy to install

Stageline pre-assembled staging structures unfold hydraulically and sequentially into a self standing covered stage. – All setup and takedown operations, including the installation of banners, screen, scenery and sound and lighting equipment, are done at ground or stage floor level making it simpler, safer and more efficient.

Reduced setup time and labor

The setup time and labor are reduced by 75% to 90% compared to constructed stages. No need for tools and machinery for installation (no forklift or crane, no generator or other power source) unlike a constructed stage that is made up of hundreds of loose components and must be assembled and erected from the ground up by workers, lifts or cranes (exception: SAM Series when large covered wings are needed).

Safety features

All units have primary and secondary mechanical locking systems, with additional safety valves on hydraulically operated equipment. At no moment during the installation sequence is the stage unsafe or workers endangered.

Self levelling and self standing staging structure

Stageline mobile stages are self levelling and self-standing covered stages. Unlike constructed stages, they do not need to be secured with cables or ballast to maintain their superior wind resistance. They rely solely on the pre-engineered structure and weight distribution inherent to Stageline’s rigid frame design technology.

Transportation and logistical costs reduced to a minimum

All stage equipment is stored inside of the Stageline mobile stage trailer, therefore only 1 tractor/truck required (exception: SAM Series when large covered wings are needed).

Easy maintenance

Maintenance is easy to carry out and costs associated with it are minimal.


The most durable equipment available designed and built to last up to 20-25 years even when operated in the most extreme touring and weather conditions.

High value

The resale value of a Stageline mobile stage unit can be more than 50% of its purchase price after 10 years of use.

Pre-approved engineering certification

All Stageline mobile stages come complete with independent engineering certification for both structural design and rigging capacity. With a Stageline mobile stage, strict on site inspections become a simple formality.

Easy To Insure

A Stageline mobile stage has an excellent proven safety track record.


Engineering a mobile stage is complex as it must function as a trailer, a heavy-duty hydraulic equipment and a stage. True-Track Engineering combines a custom built trailer composed of multiple hinged and telescoping structures that will not alter in performance from mileage and bad roads. True-Track results in superior road handling and safety year after year.


Pre-assembled rigid structural panels unfold hydraulically and sequentially. Locking devices and pins are incorporated into every step of the set up ensuring total control of the installation in complete safety. Totally self standing, the stage does not need to be secured with ballast and cables to maintain its stability and structural integrity.


Calibrated power for precision designed cylinders and components yield a perfect flow with safe, well-timed speed of operation. Comes with safety valves that block the liquid throughout with minimum effort and operation. Very low maintenance.


A set of sturdy masts lifts and lowers the roof and show support equipment. They function with balanced or unbalanced loads even in difficult weather conditions.


Industry standard rigging points, trusses and beams facilitate the installation of equipment. Cuts down on climbing and set up time.


In closed position the roof panels of the stage become side panels of a hard-shell trailer. Fiber Lock is a process where fiberglass is wrapped around the frame. This method has multiple functions to address esthetics and durability. Both structural and weather protective, this layering process compensates for movement and structural deflection of the panels when they are hydraulically deployed. The process eliminates damage from road vibrations and extreme weather conditions. The fiberglass panels never need replacement and they remain safe and great looking year in and year out.

Stageline mobile stages are designed, engineered and purposely built to be safely transported, safely operated and safely used outdoors.


  • The custom built chassis and trailer result in superior road handling.
  • The stage is the trailer.
  • All staging components stored securely inside the unit.
  • Comply with highway regulations.


  • Safely levelled even on uneven terrain.
  • Pre-assembled staging structures composed of heavy panels that unfold hydraulically into a self standing covered stage.
  • Never at any moment during the installation sequence is the stage unsafe for crew and technicians.
  • Most of the work is done at deck level reducing the risk of potential human error and accidents.
  • Stages are installed by technicians certified by Stageline who follow step by step procedures.
  • A self standing covered stage, it does not rely on guy wires, anchoring and ballast.
  • No ground preparation, anchoring or ballasting is needed.


Wind resistance up to 115mph/185 kmh without windwalls and 77mph/123 kmh with waterproof vinyl windwalls.
All units have mechanical locking systems and the hydraulic stages are equipped with safety valves.
All models are designed to withstand high risk in extreme weather conditions.
All Stageline mobile stages are designed and tested with load criteria at twice the permitted load.
Dedicated procedures in case of high wind.

There are many reasons why people in over 45 countries choose Stageline Mobile Stages. Used at over 25,000 events per year, our wide range of mobile stages is the answer to your needs for safety, speed of installation, mobility and versatility.

The widespread interest in mobile stages is a direct result of a challenge we set ourselves over 30 years ago, to create a mobile stage that, at the time did not exist – a mobile stage, designed and built for the most extreme weather conditions and demanding outdoor situations.
Founded in 1987, Stageline was born with one goal – to promote the use of safe and reliable Stageline Mobile Stages.
Technically advanced Stageline mobile stages are the standard in the outdoor staging industry. Fundamental reasons why the industry relies on Stageline include:

Craftsmanship and expertise

Every stage is built in house and benefits from serious engineering and craftsmanship with experience gathered from decades of use in outdoor events.

Quality control and delivery

Each mobile stage goes through a complete inspection during manufacturing including load tests and complete installation prior to delivery.

Exceptional durability and reliability

Built to last 20 years and more with proper care and maintenance.

Provider of safe staging environments for 30 years

Highest wind resistance – up to 115 mph (185 km/h) without windwalls and 77 mph (123 km/h) with windwalls. No incident causing an injury due to a breakdown of equipment.

Outstanding value

Low operation and maintenance cost. High resale value even after 10 years.


Each stage complies with road regulations. Stageline provides complete engineering certification for both structural design and rigging capacity for all countries. Certified documents available for each state and province of the US and Canada.

Environmentally responsible

All products are manufactured in Stageline’s state of the art LEED® certified facility integrating the latest environmental technologies.


Our company and products have achieved high acclaim in the industry and have won several engineering and event industry awards.