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May 13, 2022

Why can’t I start the engine of my stage?

The HONDA GX160 engine is provided with most of our models such as the SL100, and is renowned for its quality and reliability. There may come a time when, for some reason, the engine doesn’t start and we have provided a checklist below to help resolve most issues.
If it lasts, please contact our after-sale service team for further assistance, they remain the most qualified people to help you with your Stageline stage.

Honda GX160 engine

  1. Make sure to try to start the engine with the pull cord if you have been trying with the electrical starter.
  2. Make sure the key is in the Start position.
  3. If battery is working, make sure the circuit protector is pushed in (underneath the battery).
  4. Check the kill switch and turn it so it pops out.
  5. Make sure there is gas in the engine.
  6. Make sure that the gas switch is in the ON position.
  7. If throttle is set to maximum, reduce throttle, and apply choke. Try to pull the chord.
  8. Make sure that the gas is still good:
    • Turn the fuel lever off
    • Remove sediment cup that is underneath the fuel lever.
    • Check the sediment cup, clean it and put it back.
    • If gas looks dirty – change the fuel.
  9. Check the air filter – it needs to clean. If it’s cold outside, you can try to start without the air filter in.
  10. Make sure that the engine is not flooded.
    • Remove spark plug.
    • Check spark plug condition (black, corroded). Its needs to be clean.
    • Is there gas or oil on the spark plug? If there is fuel on the plug – engine has been flooded.
    • Remove the spark plug and pull the cord 5 to 10 times to empty the chamber.
      1. Before you put the spark plug in, clean it up with a lighter.
      2. Make sure the spark plug is properly gapped.
      3. Put it back in and try engine.
  11. You want to make sure the engine is sparking.
    • Pull the spark plug out and stick a screwdriver in and sit it 1/16’’ away from the end of the spark plug.
    • Make sure there is no choke and pull the pull cord to see if there is a spark.
    • If there is a spark – replace the spark plug.
    • If there is no spark – make sure you have oil, which is located on the back side of the engine left and right.
    • If there is no oil, fill until it’s at the dip stick level. We recommend using the 10W30 oil.
    • After you will with oil – try step 10 again.

The Honda owner’s manual is also available online right here if you would like more information. The troubleshooting section of their website can also provide more help, you can visit it here.

Need more assistance? Our after-sale service team are the most qualified people to help you with your Stageline mobile stage. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them!