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June 14, 2022

4 tips so your website becomes your ally

As a leader in the mobile stage industry, Stageline must provide unparalleled service, bring innovation on all levels and offer a great experience. The customer experience often begins with the company’s website. It is the first contact that your customers and future customers will have with you, so it must be interesting, useful and it should relfect the brand of your company.

Here are 4 tips and ideas to make your website an excellent ally.


Request quote Stageline website

Be accessible

That it is via a quote request form or in your contact section, make sure you offer the user several possibilities to contact you. A first approach is not always easy, it is better to make the experience simple. Make their life easier! Ask them questions in the quote request form that will guide them in assessing their needs and help you learn more about their project. You will therefore already have important information that will allow you to prepare yourself to meet his needs.



Be generous and proactive

Many people will instinctively refer to your company’s website to learn more about your products, access additional documentation and seek answers to some of their questions. So be generous on your website in terms of the information provided about your products and your company. With a page presenting your products in detail and precision, a page that allows you to download all the documents relating to the products and an FAQ page, you can be sure to provide a lot of structured information upstream and save time for your employees as much as for your customers. Consider adding a demonstrative video on your Product page, it would increase the sales opportunities for this product by 144%. A blog page is also appropriate if you wish to offer enriching and diversified content on your products, but also on any subject related to your industry, your company and your products. When a potential customer contacts a company, he has already completed more than 60% of his purchase process. It is therefore important to provide him with all the information necessary to help him reach this stage of the process.

Be creative

It is always interesting to visit the offices or facilities of the companies you do business with, but it can quickly become complicated if your company serves several countries on different continents. Consider offering an alternative such as a virtual tour of your facilities to allow your customers to see the scale of your business. Add this virtual reality tour in the About us section of your website to provide the best experience to your visitors.

Virtual tour - Stageline

Be aligned with your company’s branding

A company’s brand image brings its community together. In its consistency, your branding allows your company to be easily recognizable and to generate positive notoriety. Make sure your website reflects this image and is visually interesting to look at. Add videos to your product pages to diversify content and provide maximum information to your customers. Remember that the average human attention span is 8 seconds (less than a goldfish’s!), so be specific and engaging to hold your reader’s attention.

In the end, your website is the first contact that your customers, future employees and partners will have with your company, do not miss this opportunity to show your company at its best! As Henri Jeanson would say: “The first impression is always the right one, especially when it is bad.” Make sure it’s good!