Stageline, the specialist for over 35 years in designing, producing and delivering the safest and most innovative mobile stages to outdoor events.

With stages sold in 50 countries, we have the expertise to assist you in the purchase of a mobile stage wherever you are. Used in over 25,000 events every year, our wide range of mobile stages leads in performance and reliability and return on investment reaching a life-span of over 20 to 25 years with regular use and maintenance.

For all countries, we provide complete engineering information for both structural design and rigging capacity. In Canada and the US, every stage complies with road norms and we can provide certified documents for each state and province.

The Stageline advantages:

  • Holds the market lead in rigging and wind resistance
  • Most requested stage 
  • More space for branding and display
  • Outstanding payback and great resale value
  • A team of professionals who really cares about your success