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There are many reasons why people in over 45 countries choose Stageline Mobile Stages. Used at over 20,000 events per year, our wide range of mobile stages is the answer to your needs for safety, speed of installation, mobility and versatility.

The widespread interest in mobile stages is a direct result of a challenge we set ourselves over 30 years ago, to create a mobile stage that, at the time did not exist – a mobile stage, designed and built for the most extreme weather conditions and demanding outdoor situations.

Founded in 1987, Stageline was born with one goal – to promote the use of safe and reliable Stageline Mobile Stages.

Technically advanced Stageline mobile stages are the standard in the outdoor staging industry. Fundamental reasons why the industry relies on Stageline include:

Wind resistance

The highest wind resistance in the industry – up to 115mph (185 km/h) for the structure and up to 77mph (123 km/h) with windwalls (see specific model details).

Quality control

  • 600 point inspection on each and every unit.

Safety in operation

Set-up and tear down operations, including the installation of rigging, sound, lighting equipment, screens and sets take place at ground or stage-floor level reducing the risk of human error and accidents.

Stage and workers remain safe throughout the installation sequence thanks to built-in primary and secondary safety devices.

Safety in design

Highest load and rigging design criteria in the industry, designed and tested with load criteria up to 2 times the permitted load.

Engineering calculations based on the IBC (International Building Codes) and NBC (Canadian Building Codes).

Find more in our corporate brochure: Those who own, know.

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