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Engineering a mobile stage is complex as it must function as a trailer, a heavy-duty hydraulic equipment and a stage. True-Track Engineering combines a custom built trailer composed of multiple hinged and telescoping structures that will not alter in performance from mileage and bad roads. True-Track results in superior road handling and safety year after year.


Total control of the installation

Pre-assembled rigid structural panels unfold hydraulically and sequentially.  Locking devices and pins are incorporated into every step of the set up ensuring total control of the installation in complete safety.  Totally self standing, the stage does not need to be secured with ballast and cables to maintain its stability and structural integrity.


Customized hydraulics with back up

Calibrated power for precision designed cylinders and components yield a perfect flow with safe, well-timed speed of operation. Comes with safety valves that block the liquid throughout with minimum effort and operation. Very low maintenance.


Raising and lowering the roof securely with doubLe masts with lifting mechanism

A set of sturdy masts lifts and lowers the roof and show support equipment. They function with balanced or unbalanced loads even in difficult weather conditions.


Rigging of show support equipment made easy at ground and deck level

Industry standard rigging points, trusses and beams facilitate the installation of equipment. Cuts down on climbing and set up time.

sound lights



In closed position the roof panels of the stage become side panels of a hard shell trailer. Fiber Lock is a process where fiberglass is wrapped around the frame. This method has multiple functions to address esthetics and durability. Both structural and weather protective, this layering process compensates for movement and structural deflection of the panels when they are hydraulically deployed. The process eliminates damage from road vibrations and extreme weather conditions.  The fiberglass panels never need replacement and they remain safe and great looking year in and year out.


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