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Product overview

What you need to know about Stageline mobile stages

Stageline offers a wide range of stages with dimensions ranging from 130’ x 56’ (40m x 17m) and for all budgets.




Pre-assembled structure – easy to install

Stageline pre-assembled staging structures unfold hydraulically and sequentially into a self standing covered stage. – All setup and takedown operations, including the installation of banners, screen, scenery and sound and lighting equipment, are done at ground or stage floor level making it simpler, safer and more efficient.

Reduced setup time and labor

The setup time and labor are reduced by 75% to 90% compared to constructed stages. No need for tools and machinery for installation (no forklift or crane, no generator or other power source) unlike a constructed stage that is made up of hundreds of loose components and must be assembled and erected from the ground up by workers, lifts or cranes (exception: SAM750 and SAM555 large covered wings).

Safety features

All units have primary and secondary mechanical locking systems, with additional safety valves on hydraulically operated equipment. At no moment during the installation sequence is the stage unsafe or workers endangered.

Self levelling and self standing staging structure

Stageline mobile stages are self levelling and self-standing covered stages. Unlike constructed stages, they do not need to be secured with cables or ballast to maintain their superior wind resistance. They rely solely on the pre-engineered structure and weight distribution inherent to Stageline’s rigid frame design technology.

Transportation and logistical costs reduced to a minimum

All stage equipment is stored inside of the Stageline mobile stage trailer, therefore only 1 tractor/truck required (exception: SAM750 and SAM555 large covered wings).

Easy maintenance

Maintenance is easy to carry out and costs associated with it are minimal.


The most durable equipment available designed and built to last up to 20-25 years even when operated in the most extreme touring and weather conditions.

High value

The resale value of a Stageline mobile stage unit can be more than 50% of its purchase price after 10 years of use.

Pre-approved engineering certification

All Stageline mobile stages come complete with independent engineering certification for both structural design and rigging capacity. With a Stageline mobile stage, strict on site inspections become a simple formality.

Easy To Insure

A Stageline mobile stage has an excellent proven safety track record.

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