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May 2, 2018

SL100: We’ve kept the best and made it better

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Now and again, we get together with trainers, experienced technicians, design and R&D teams. We share ideas for improvements on the designs. Some of these ideas are provided to us by our clients who noted possible improvements on various models. This year’s focus was on the SL100 and as a result, the model has been equipped with a whole range of features and benefits ready to meet present day production needs and anticipate tomorrow’s. Rather than just redesigning this or that component, we jumped at the opportunity to do an overall upgrade.

New retractable flybays

To start with, we focused on the main structures and made these considerably stronger to offer sound outriggers that can handle 1,500 lb and provide for much more rigging possibilities under the roof. The deck design, we saw, could be restructured with several changes that makes installation faster, increases deck capacity (150lbs/ft²) and brings about another very significant improvement, ie. increased wind-resistance capable of handling 3-second gusts at 115 mph (the speed of a Category 3 hurricane!). Thanks to Stageline engineers and their design skills, no bracing or ballast is required to maintain that wind-resistance.

The combination of increased wind resistance and floor capacity makes the unit compliant with the 2015 international building code (IBC 2015).

The sound outriggers now reach 6 feet on either side, giving users the ability to hang video screens aswell as PA.

Upstage, we’ve added four points for video screens, and we have multiple PA points to at all 4 roof corners that free space on the outriggers for video screens.

One of the goals for the engineers with this upgrade was to cut down on the overall number of pieces—especially small pieces like pins. Our new banner system comprising of uniform sized banner posts, simply requires the user to get the banner support into place and turn it—now it locks itself, without the need for pins. This makes the installation process significantly faster.

Cable braces are gone—the new SL100 uses cable-free bar-braces, which are much faster and easier to install.

We’ve doubled the amount of work-lights in the roof of the stage and added two work-lights under the floor, meaning the days of hunting for a missing part under the unit with a head-lamp beam are over. The light system is fully self-supporting, with a battery (capable of powering the work-lights for 12 hours), a charger, and an inverter. As long as the system is plugged into a truck, they’re charging the battery. For longer set-ups, there’s a 110-volt outlet to power the lights and recharge the batteries.

Corner posts that used to be stacked inside the stage are now stored in the roof, with their own rack, leaving more storage room inside the stage, and making them easier to install.
We’ve reconfigured the hydraulic controls to spread them out to both sides of the control unit giving the operator a clear view of both upstage and downstage. Similarly, we’ve improved visibility with the introduction of single fiberglass end panels giving an unobstructed view of the stage during operation of the controls.

One optional additional feature is an integrated storage system, which makes it easy to access parts stored for travel on the inside of the stage floor panel, and saves considerable time. In addition and by popular demand, we have made the roof, windwalls and skirts black as standard giving a clean and polished look.

All these improvements without any changes to the dimensions our users love: the roof height and floor footprint are the same, and the truck is the same as well. The unit remains a light and nimble sub-10,000 pounds. For all the new features we’ve built in, the new SL100 is even faster and simpler to deploy than ever before.

We spent months trying to build as many big-stage features as we could get into our flagship small stage, the real fun is going to be in seeing our clients putting it to use.