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FAQ | Inspection

One frequent question we receive from stage owners has to do with the inspection and recertification of their Stageline equipment. If you’re a stage-owner, then you probably know you need to have your stage inspected by a competent authority every 24 months. You also know that we can provide an inspection valid for one year—but…

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Photo entrainement

Starting Nature’s Party

Robin Williams once said that spring was nature’s way of saying “Let’s Party.” While we wouldn’t be in this industry if we didn’t like a party, we acknowledge that Stageline’s annual Spring Training workshop is kind of the opposite. It’s a lot of work and a lot of learning, and if you’re not one of…

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“Graduations are a milestone,” says John McGovern of Shadowbox Design Management on Long Island, New York, “so you’ve got to make it special. It’s all about branding, about image.” McGovern and Shadowbox are one of the companies leading a shift toward employing Stageline mobile staging to make commencement ceremonies for college and universities really stand…

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