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October 21, 2022

New heating pads

It’s a fact that winters can be harsh, unpredictable, snowy and icy. Stageline products are designed to handle such conditions and can be used safely with a few adaptations.

Surface adherence, soil types, winds and snow or ice accumulations are all factors that can have different impacts and may require us to adapt our uses depending on the activity.

In general, when we take the road in icy conditions, the main risks are related to the low grip of the tires on the road. Therefore, to compensate for the risk of slippage, we reduce the forces applied between the tires and the surface of the ground by various means: we brake and accelerate more gently, we reduce our speed in curves, we increase the distance between our vehicle and others, etc.

When it comes to Stageline products, the implementation of certain measures will reduce the risks associated with the above-mentioned factors. In order to take full advantage of your Stageline products in freezing conditions, some adaptations will therefore be necessary. Here are the most important ones:

  1. The use of specialized equipment to maintain the good level of adherence.
  2. The preparation of a known type of soil, to improve the level of adherence.
  3. Modification of your rigging plan to take into account potential snow accumulations.
  4. In some cases, the use of ballast to improve wind resistance reduction.

All the details related to the contexts of use in freezing conditions are gathered in a practical document to help you understand the steps to be taken in order to use your Stageline products safely. We will be providing a link to this document shortly.

For now, we invite you to read about our new specialized equipment.

New specialized equipment – Heating pads with rubber

The use of these heating pads allows for 100% wind resistance when utilized on a certain type of prepared soil. Applicable wind speeds become the ones of the standard threshold chart.

The specialized pads are heated from an electric source to maintain the right level of grip. Depending on the stage model, the size and quantity of heating pads required varies.

This image shows an SL100 of generation 3.

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