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You want  a mobile stage to increase your effectiveness and build your company up to reputed safety and reliability.  A Stageline mobile stage does precisely that and gives you great ROI and higher revenue for decades – built by professionals for professionals.

sound lights

Rigging show support equipment made easy at ground and deck level.


Hundreds of owners of Stageline equipment will tell you that their mobile stage:

  • Protects you and clients with complete weather-proofing.
  • Enables you to rent more and to rig more sound and lights.
  • Leaves tedious ballast work and anchoring out of the equation.
  • Get you known for prompt and safe setups, for leaving the grounds without damage.
  • Comes with technical support right there when you need it, onsite, on the road and on time.
  • Significantly reduces event set-up time and manpower by 75-90%.
  • Engineering stamps provided with each stage.

The widest range and sizes available from 20’ x 16′ (6m x 5m) to 130’ x 56’ (40m x 17m).

Find more in our corporate brochure: Those who own, know.

I had lengthy conversations with stage owners (…) it was abundantly clear that the best mobile stage in the world is the Stageline SL100. Your product is fantastic, (…) employees are talented, knowledgeable and made the experience very rewarding.

– D. Federico – Pelican Events

I was looking for a well designed and built stage that would hold it’s value well, I decided to buy the SL50 as it met my needs and is so versatile. The aluminium construction is not only light and good looking but it also copes well with the salty Atlantic air in Britain’s ‘Ocean City’. I can get it in to some very tight locations and Stageline have thought of everything to make the set up straightforward.

– P. Barlow – Outerstage UK

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