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September 30, 2021

Low-Cost Maintenance

In this challenging period, there is probably one thing you have – a bit of extra time on your hands. Stageline wants to help you to put the best use of this extra time and make sure you’re all set when business starts up again.

You will have a great looking – ready for action – mobile stage!


Clean and lubricate all hinges and cylinder pivot points. Use high temperature Synthetic base lube, such as Super Lube. Furthermore, soak a clean rag in ATF fluid and rub the cylinder extremities (the end with the wiper seal). This will lubricate the wiper.


Clean and lubricate Telescopic roof columns (main masts). Fully extend main mast, install all safety pins to lock mast in extended position. Using a soft synthetic fiber brush and soft detergent (such as automobile care product), thoroughly wash/brush off all dirt and residue on all faces of the masts. Rinse. Let dry. Using clean rags, apply ATF fluid on all sliding surfaces of the masts. Wipe off excess fluid.


Clean and repaint plywood floor. Thoroughly clean floor. Paint using outdoor grade paint. Stageline has used various products throughout the years. At the moment, for maintenance of our floors, we use a Rust preventive, Alkyd base coating called Metalforce. Alternatively, Rust-O-Leum has a great range of products and is an accessible brand in North America. Make sure you choose a matte finish.


Do your regular stage engine maintenance. Also verify the pull cord and starter battery (if applicable) and replace if needed.