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July 4, 2023

Videos and photos: Broadcast is your event’s best ally

Have you planned on taking photos or videos of your event? A festival, a concert or any event that brings a large audience together, always has a magical moment. That’s the moment you don’t want to miss! Capturing it gives you a strong promotional tool, a strong bond with the audience and extends your event’s life span.

Share the experience

Live broadcasting your event can improve the spectators’ experience. Broadcasting it on screens (or online, whenever possible), creates a strong bond with them. Indeed, particularly when it comes to festivals, a lot of spectators expect a «real experience», not a succession of concerts. Videos and photos get people as close as they can be to the artists, and to the festival’s magical moments.

Whatever your event’s size, making sure you have great photos and video recordings will allow you to create those awesome moments for the audience. Afterwards, they’ll share them. Your event will stick in their mind, they’ll refer back to it, and they’ll keep coming back for more.

Create a powerful and unique image

In fact, videos and photos are part of your event’s marketing and branding process. This high quality content is easily accessible: Today’s user-friendly technology makes it easy to record an event. It is also increasingly common to see drones flying over stages. This is an excellent way to get impressive, high quality photos and videos, but be sure to check for any flying restrictions. Flying over crowds is sometimes prohibited, or if allowed, can require special licences. Moreover, be sure that the person in charge of piloting the drone has the necessary qualifications.

Your visual content will become your event’s showcase. A great photo or video has a huge impact on people’s perception of your event, and makes it unique and unforgettable.

Extend your event’s life span and build excitement!

So, video and photography help create a brand around your events. In a marketing context, it helps build excitement and expectations around it. Sharing this visual content on social networks and via the multiple communication channels is a great teaser, a foretaste of what awaits future event-goers. This, of course, contributes to your show’s success.

In fact, you’re whole communication strategy is reinforced by high quality videos and photos. Don’t neglect these elements, whether it’s for you, your brand or your audience!