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October 4, 2021


As we ease into the second week of October, it’s a good time to talk about booking in advance for summer—next summer.

We’ve had an exciting summer at Stageline, and one thing it’s proven to us is that demand for our products is continually expanding. That’s great news for us, but bad news for some of those who’d like to work with us, since we don’t have an infinite number of stages. We book our stages on a first-come, first-served basis—but the difference now is how early people are coming to be served.

If it seems a little early to begin talking about booking for next summer, consider this: by mid-October or November, St. Jean Baptiste day in Quebec (June 24) and Canada Day across Canada (July 1) are completely sold out. In the US, Independence Day (July 4) follows close behind, booking solid by January. For Memorial Day (May 28) and Labor Day (First Monday in September), there’s a little more leeway—those book up between January and February. But by the end of February, stages for the most desirable dates are all gone.

If you want to get a stage for a hot date next summer, you need to be prepared well in advance. But this summer, from Memorial Day on, our SAM-series of concert stages was booked solid even on regular weekend dates (and most mid-week dates). As a result, it may well be that booking in advance is no longer only a best practice for those who want a holiday date.

If you want to make certain you can get the stage you want and need, lock it down early. How early? Just early. The date isn’t fixed: every summer the season starts a little bit earlier, and accordingly the stages book that much earlier as well. But depending on where you are in North America, the season is also running later. In the southern and southwest US, where it’s too hot for outdoor events in mid-summer, October has also become an increasingly popular period. That means stages in that area—especially our larger stages—remain booked nearly to Halloween.

We want to make sure you get your stage on the date you want it, but in order to do that, we need to receive a clear and complete request from you containing each of the following pieces of information:

Each of these details is crucial, and if we don’t receive all of them, we’ll only end up asking you to resubmit the information you’re missing until we’ve got everything we need (unless we’re missing your contact information, in which case things will be eerily silent). Making a complete request from your first contact with us guarantees we can get the ball rolling quickly.

Booking very early is half the struggle to getting the date you want, but the other half is making sure your request gives us everything we need to know. That way, we can reserve the stage you want as soon as we process your request, rather than having to wait until you’ve furnished all the necessary information that allows us to make your reservation.

Help us help you get the date you want—a hot date with Stageline.