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October 4, 2021

A joint venture with Onstage Systems

Stageline is pleased to announce a joint venture with Onstage Systems to own and operate a SAM575 mobile stage in the central southern United States.

Based in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, Onstage Systems serves an eight-state region spanning the American Southeast and Southwest, providing Stageline ample opportunity to continue building its brand in states like Georgia, Alabama, Oklahoma, Colorado and New Mexico. At the same time, Onstage Systems is an enthusiastic owner of three other Stageline mobile stages, now ready to “go big or go home” with their adoption of the SAM575.

“Everything is bigger in Texas—we had to have the 575!” laughs CEO Hyacinth Belcher. “Nobody really has those stages in our region. This was just another step to making Onstage Systems the go-to company when it comes to live-event, staging, and rooftop needs.”

Hyacinth Belcher’s parents founded Onstage Systems 43 years ago. Hyacinth and her brother Chris grew up in the live-event industry, buying their parents out in 2006, making the company a second-generation family business. They now define themselves by boldness and their focus is to continue growth through their ability to service the largest festivals and markets. After working in the field overseeing stage construction, Chris Belcher had they idea to invest in mobile staging. They began with Stageline’s SL100, SL260, and SL320 with screen supports.

Celebrating Success in Training with the Onstage Crew and Stageline.

“And now the big boy!” says Belcher. “The SAM575 fits perfectly alongside our very-large-scale PA system. We are boldly working toward the goal of becoming the largest full-service production company in the central US. Every decision we make is supporting that goal.”

With a serious footing in the EDM festival market—working with acts like Disco Donnie, Subtronics, and Deadmau5—Onstage Systems struggled through the COVID doldrums of the live-event industry. Part of what kept morale up at the company was Belcher’s enthusiasm for the music and togetherness these festivals can offer. Onstage spent last summer and fall running a successful series of drive-in tailgate concerts. The decision to partner on the SAM575 grew out of the uplifting feelings Belcher experienced at those drive-in shows.

“We felt once the pandemic was over, the world would want entertainment again,” Belcher explains. “We just knew it was time and that people would want to get together and be in each other’s presence. We’re social beings. We already had the goal of buying into the SAM575, and we figured [in spite of COVID] we’d just do it: the world is going to come back and need reconnection.”

She’s quick to note she doesn’t build business plans on hopes and feelings. Hyacinth and Chris Belcher had been planning their investment in a massive mobile stage unit for several years, but COVID gave them the opportunity to assess their goals more carefully and consider next steps.

“Our business model has always been to buy the highest-quality gear and partner it with the highest-quality service,” Belcher says. “That’s worked for us. Seize the day, now’s the time, whatever you want to call it—it made sense for our business model and we are already on that journey.”

About Stageline

Founded in 1987, Stageline is a premium mobile-staging company that has pioneered hydraulic mobile stage systems designed to support heavy loads even under extreme weather conditions. Our continually evolving lines of stages, which are part of 25,000 events every year, are considered an industry standard for major live events across North America and more than 50 countries worldwide.


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