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January 12, 2023

5 reasons to work as a stage technician

Does taking charge of the installation of stages for shows all over North America sounds like something fun to you? Wait until you see the benefits we offer you:


First in, last out! This is the motto in our mobile staging world.

We never said it would be an easy job! Atypical schedule, extreme weather conditions: we are far from 9 to 5 at the office. It’s the perfect opportunity to give your 110%, to develop yourself as a person, to sharpen your sense of leadership and to feel a sense of pride every time you put the final touch on a stage that will bring happiness to thousands of spectators.


Working for Stageline means being part of a big family. And it’s even more true when you work as a stage technician! Do you think we’re exaggerating? Wait to see the bonds you will create with your colleagues after a 12-hour day in the rain. You will probably know way more about them than their favorite color!


Always dreamed of exploring Canada? Or United States? Great! Because being a stage technician is your main activity. If you want to go on the road, discover new places and also have an interest in festivals and other live events, this is the perfect job for you. This is an opportunity to fill out your travel diary and come home with full of memories.

Here are some examples of festivals you could work on :

And many more!

DOING IT AT LOW COST (and getting paid of course!)

If on top of all that, you were told that all your expenses would be covered, would that interest you? Hotels, flights, car rental, meals: it’s a great opportunity to see the country at a low cost.

Unsurprisingly, you will also be paid for the long hours spent at work. We are looking for long-term people who want to create their own routine. Starting in your second season, you will see your benefits and responsibilities progress rapidly.


The stage technician position does not require any specific prerequisites. All we ask of you is to be ready to work hard, to be able to travel, to be available for the season which runs from March to October and, above all, to enjoy working in a team.

We are looking for people who are always in solution mode and who are not afraid of challenges… because let’s face it, it is never an option that the show does not take place. “The show must go on” as they say.

Interested? We have a place for you :