THE NEW ST100 screen trailer

Built to last over 25 years

ST100 at LDI/DSE : book your demo today!

Specifically designed and manufactured for North American roads, the new LED Screen Trailer is the perfect addition to your events. Allowing a 360° screen rotation 30′ above ground, the robust ST100 trailer can sustain high winds and is built to last more than 25 years, just like any other Stageline equipment.

Come and see the ST100 in action at one of our many demos at DSE and LDI.

be the first to get your unit in 2023!

Only 4 units available. Our new ST100 LED Screen Trailer has already received a warm welcome by the industry, creating a high demand for the upcoming months. With the same commitment to reliability, durability and performance, this unit brings more possibilities to your clients combined with an unbeatable ROI for your business.

Make sure to be the first to get your unit in 2023 and place your bid on the link below.

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To this day, Stageline units are in over 50 countries and can be delivered anywhere in the world.

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