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January 11, 2016


While it’s been quite a while that Game of Thrones has been reminding us “winter is coming,” the real thing is finally here. Luckily for Stageline’s clients, that’s no reason to postpone outdoor events. After making a few allowances for safety, all Stageline stages can be used in winter conditions. And because we’re headquartered in Montreal, you can be sure that we’re serious when we say the word “winter”!

If your wintertime event is going to be on compact ground—asphalt, concrete, or gravel—then the entire range of Stageline models is yours to choose from. Once the snow in the venue area has been properly plowed (which must be done prior to the stage arriving), the legs of the stage base may be placed in direct contact with the ground, making it easy to set up.


SL50 being placed on new skis at Sunshine Village.

The only difference in winter is what falls from the sky: snow! Our biggest new development, however, is that this winter our SL50, SL100, and SL260 models have got their skis and are ready to head for the slopes. Literally—our engineers have spent a lot of time developing new skis for these three lighter stages to allow for them to be pulled into place in venues like ski hills, snowy parks, or anywhere else the wheels of a two-axle truck would be doomed to sink into the snow

Of course, without the advantage of a wheeled vehicle to pull a stage on skis over snow, you need to think creatively. Thanks to the example of one of our ski-hill clients, we learned the answer we needed: a snowcat groomer is precisely the vehicle to get the SL50, SL100, or SL260 into place on the snow. Plus the snowcat is able to help compact the snow base prior to laying down wooden pads to increase weight distribution beneath the stage legs! Our onsite technician monitors the balance and angle of the legs throughout the installation. Since the legs are on adjustable screw-jacks, their lengths can be easily corrected in response to base fluctuations brought about by temperature changes.


SL260 pulled by a snowcat in Mont Tremblant.

Our range of stages is as ready for winter as you are—even though they, like you, need to take a few precautions before heading outside. But once you’re set, they’re ready to do what you want them to. In the case of the SL50, the SL100, and the SL260, they’re also ready to go virtually any place you can imagine putting them!