At Naples, Florida’s Tiburón Golf Club, they’ve seen a lot of impressive things. Designed by legendary golfer Greg Norman, Tiburón has been host to the PGA’s QBE Shootout event since 2001, though Norman has hosted…

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Low-Cost Maintenance

In this challenging period, there is probably one thing you have – a bit of extra time on your hands. Stageline wants to help you to put the best use of this extra time and…

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Feeling the Blues As Fast as They Can

“We were talking with the Blues,” says Kyle Vogt of Klance Unlimited, located in St. Louis, “and we didn’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves and jinx it—we’re all superstitious.” On the table…

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FAQ – Winter use

While it’s been quite a while that Game of Thrones has been reminding us “winter is coming,” the real thing is about to be here. Luckily for Stageline’s clients, that’s no reason to postpone outdoor…

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FAQ | Inspection

One frequent question we receive from stage owners has to do with the inspection and recertification of their Stageline equipment. If you’re a stage-owner, then you probably know you need to have your stage inspected…

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Honoring the ”Killer App” of staging

We often forget the way “killer apps” change the way we do things forever. How many people remember searching the internet before Google? How long ago does it seem that we went to payphones to…

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Vents web

Wind of change

There was a significant change to the way wind speeds were implemented in the ASCE7-10 standard which is referenced in some recent codes. Most notably, the wind speeds shown in the wind maps were increased;…

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Photo Chainsmokers

SAM750: A huge visual bang at Ilesoniq

Montreal’s Evenko didn’t just want to end their Chainsmokers show with a bang—they wanted hundreds of bangs. “For the last song of the show, for our little finale, we fired 400 pieces of fireworks from…

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Application météo

More safety at a discounted price

Stageline has made a new deal with WDT Weather Ops that will allow our clients to access the service at a discount price. WeatherOps provides a powerful, straightforward way to help you make critical decisions for…

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